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Who we are

Our company is a major Brazilian trading house and a fruits exporter doing business in the international Market through the brand TC Fruits. The company is focused to offer the best South American fruits in the best timing and quality.


Working directly with the growers in Brazil and Peru, we are ready to offer fresh fruits straight from the farm to our customers in different seasons with total confidence in the quality and deliveries with no worries to our business partners located in North America and Europe. Always in partnership with producers of family roots and long tradition in cultivations, we assure the best from our regions in Mangoes, Limes, Papayas and Ginger.


TC Fruits is always relying on its resources for food safety compliance, documents, training of staff and all the needed information for growers and packers. Our company assesses risk, and puts safeguard in place to prevent any kind of potential problem, working ahead and making sure the customers will get the best fruit it can experience.

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